Making the most of HR Tech Events

15 January, 2019
By Dharshini in Human Resource

Making The Most Of HR Tech Events

With the rapid utilization of technology in the workplace today, numerous jobs are seeing technology replacing human roles. Additionally, with the growing business demands and usage of automation within organisations, simply relying on manual processes as well as technology is simply not enough. Hence, there is the need for HR practitioners and organisations to keep abreast of these technological tools and processes in order to keep up these changing times.

In order to optimize business processes and workforce efficiency, organisations need to marry two business functions together – HR and technology. And to stay updated in the HR community with the latest HR tools and technologies, HR tech events are affairs that one cannot afford to miss.

Attending HR tech events provide a great opportunity to network with other HR experts and business leaders. Furthermore, it can provide insights on the various HR technology aspects that other organisations or industries might be adopting. Moreover, one can explore the offerings by several companies in terms of their HR products or latest invention.

Should you have the opportunity to attend these HR tech symposiums, here are some tips on how to maximise your experience while attending these events.

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Finding The Right Business Partner For Your Startup

01 January, 2019
By G-Team in Technology
Gpayroll payroll software blog - startup
Starting a business is no doubt challenging. Despite the recent surge in startups across the world, we have also seen a fairly large number of these startups pulling out of the market in less than two years. Of course, this does not mean that setting up a business is equivalent to setting yourself up for failure. It is possible to overcome the high barriers of entry in any business startup. Understandably, facing these barriers to entry can be challenging if you were to go at it alone. That is why most entrepreneurs will choose to launch their company with one or several other business partners to lighten the load.
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HR Duties You Need To Focus On For The Biggest ROI

25 December, 2018
By G-Team in Human Resource
Gpayroll payroll software blog - hrduties
For every small business, every single employee and process counts. Given that small businesses tend to have a smaller headcount with multiple processes to take care of, there is simply no way to cut certain processes or miss an employee who happened to take a long time off.
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MVP - What It Is and Why It Matters To Startups

18 December, 2018
By G-Team in Technology
Gpayroll payroll software blog - mvp

As defined by the reliable The Economic Times, Minimum Viable Product, or MVP in short, is a "development technique in which a new product is introduced in the market with basic features but enough to get the attention of the consumers."

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