Tips To Manage Tricky Workplace Situations

11 June, 2019
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The workplace is a complicated environment – office rumours, ghost stories, bootlicking to managers and bosses, the list goes on. Most of us would have also been caught in these undesirable situations. While some might be easy to slide away from, certain situations might be considerably tricky to handle.

Here are some tips on how to manage these tricky workplace situations.

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Getting Emotional At work - Is It Professional?

04 June, 2019
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Have you ever come across an employee who happened to be sobbing at work? Or perhaps having a minor mental breakdown? What were your initial thoughts? Did you think that the employee was weak or immature? Or perhaps the behaviour is acceptable so long as it does not happen often?

According to research done by The British Psychological Society, they found that “tearful individuals are seen as warmer, but also as less competent”.

However, it appears that top executives and employees have a difference perception when it comes to shedding tears in office.

Based on a survey from staffing firm Accountemps, about 44 per cent of respondents, whom are Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) have mentioned that “shedding tears is acceptable as long as it is not an everyday occurrence”. This figure is higher compared to 38 per cent of workers who felt that crying at work is acceptable as long as it does not occur too regularly.

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Making Use Of High Touch Tools To Improve Healthcare Outcomes

28 May, 2019
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In today’s workplace, employee retention strategies are becoming increasingly unique and employee-centric. Anniversary lunches, employee picnics, well-stocked pantries – the ideas are constantly evolving.

However, it seems that increasingly, workers tend to stick around longer with an employer that focuses on their well-being – both physically and mentally.

With the rapid advancement of technology, there is now a wide array of medical services available virtually at employees’ fingertips, providing employees with 24/7 access to healthcare providers and medical information. At the rate the technology is advancing and evolving, this will likely to expand at an exponential rate. Employees can easily access healthcare services via their mobile phones, tablets or any device that supports a medical-related application.

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The Right Employee Benefits For A Multi-generational Workforce

21 May, 2019
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The Generation X, Generation Y and Millennials - our workforce today is largely made up of workers that fall within either of these generations. OF course, the Millennial generation, defined as those born between 1981 and 1996, form the largest bulk of our workforce today.

According to an article by AsiaToday, "Millennials represent more than 45 percent of the region's population, with 60 percent of the world's millennials expected to live in Asia by 2020."

With the growing number of Millennials entering the workforce each year, this also implies a shift in the needs of the working population.

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