Here's why every small business owner should value their employees

26 February, 2019
Gpayroll - SME

Regardless of which company you go to, every good leader will certainly support the fact the employees are a key asset in any business success. While some may argue that the rapid advancements in technology have undoubtedly transformed today's workplace to one that is more efficient and productive, truth is - human beings are the brains behind the creation of such transformative technology.

There are plenty of research which supports the fact that employees indeed play a critical role in shaping a business' success. Moreover, most of us are no doubt familiar with the cohesive company culture that tech giants like Google and Facebook are known for. Google has been consistently ranked as one of the best places to work alongside other tech giants.

However, you do not need to own a company the size of Google or Facebook for that matter. After all, ensuring that your employees feel valued should already be an inherent company culture, regardless the size of the company. Moreover, it does not have to involve fancy perks such as free on-site meals or regular company retreats. Here are some basic (and cost-friendly) ways that any small business owner should implement to ensure higher levels of employee engagement and motivation.

1. Smooth onboarding

The way you treat your employees need to be impactful even before day one. Effective onboarding of new employees into your small business can ultimately increase retention and increase your employees' performance as well. Whether you have a formal or informal onboarding process within your small business, it is imperative to provide a process that makes your new employee feel welcomed and part of the company.

2. Consistent and meaningful communication

Another great way to make your employees feel valued is to communicate with them, by making time to meet with and interact with your them. It can be something as simple as a quick text or instant message or perhaps an occasional face-to-face conversation. This simple act of reaching out to your employees will no doubt make them feel that you have their best interests at heart.


3. Be truthful, be transparent

The last thing you want to experience is an angry mob of employees pounding on your office door, demanding an explanation for the new company policy that was just implemented. Transparency translates to trust. In the workplace, honesty goes a long way towards building strong relationships between you and your employees.

4. Give praises

Offering a simple "thank you" or "well done" does not cost a cent. However, such gestures can have a profound impact on morale within the workplace. Your employees are bound to feel much happier and more appreciated, which in turns translates to more productive workers.

Top-notch technology and fancy office spaces are easily accessible to any oragnisation, small businesses included. However, what sets your company apart from your competitors is your company culture. As highlighted before, it does not have to be grand gestures, it just has to be consistent and sincere.