HR Duties You Need To Focus On For The Biggest ROI

25 December, 2018
By G-Team in Human Resource
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For every small business, every single employee and process counts. Given that small businesses tend to have a smaller headcount with multiple processes to take care of, there is simply no way to cut certain processes or miss an employee who happened to take a long time off.

With small businesses, the main focus is always revenue and profits - and roles that contribute to these two goals are usually sales, marketing and perhaps accounting. However, the big question is whether there is a need for the HR department or not? The HR department does not help to bring in sales nor do they come up with new products or services. Yet the HR department is crucial in the sense that they are the ones who help to find people for these revenue-generating tasks.

Instead of having the HR department take the back seat all the time, here are some key HR duties that the HR department should focus on to bring about the biggest return on investment for the business.

Staying compliant

Being compliant is imperative especially for small businesses given that for every employee hired, the company has to adhere to labour laws and employment laws. This essentially means that the company has pay employees wages in accordance to employee laws, and ensure that other payments such as overtime pay, taxes or allowances is calculated and paid accurately to employees as well.

At the same time, other compliance issues might come up such as how long should the company withhold employees' information for, how much taxes should the employer be paying or is there a limit to the number of foreign workers the company can hire? For instance in Singapore, depending on the company size, there is a limit on the number of employment passes i.e. Employment Pass (EP) or Work Permit (WP) that a company is entitled to.

Additionally, the HR department has to be kept up to date with changes in legislative laws. Any non-adherence to these legislative or employments laws can result in heavy lawsuits, which might eventually cost the entire business.

Hiring the right talent

Given that the biggest contributors for a business to flourish and grow are the employees themselves, the key to success then falls on the HR department to find the right talent. After all, when a position becomes vacation, this implies money lost. Additionally when a new employee is hired, it might take months to bring the new employee up to speed, regardless of experience of qualifications, to in order to add value to the company.

Therefore, for the HR department to recruit well, they will need to understand the business as well as identify the right talent pool to recruit new employees that could potentially be a great fit to the company.

Keeping employees engaged

After you have found your right talent, the next step would be to retain these employees. After all, if they have the right skills, talent and are contributing to the company, the ideal situation would be to keep them in the company right? However, numerous research has shown that poor management within the company can sometimes drive these talents away. Additionally, if employees do not feel that they are valued by the company, they are unlikely to hang around for long.

Investing in good employee relations will definitely reap high returns - after all, engaged employees are unlikely to quit in the near future and are likely to work hard and have higher productivity levels.

The key thing to bear in mind here is that the HR department does not necessarily has to be a money generating department. Instead, with strong support from the HR department, this can help to the make the business grow in the long run.

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