Making Use Of Technology To Improve Your Employee Onboarding Process

30 January, 2018
By G-Team in Technology
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Starting a new job can be stressful but starting at a new company without a structured onboarding process can make your new hire think twice about joining. Research have shown that new hires are likely to leave their new companies within the first 18 months of their employment. Considering the costs and time involved in finding, attracting, onboarding and training your new employees, it would make sense to develop an organised employee onboarding process. After all, it is the first impression that counts. And a smooth and structured onboarding process can create a favourable impression on your new hires and expose them early to the company's culture.

In the past, the employee onboarding process is relatively administrative. On the first day, new hires will have to bring their school transcripts, letters of recommendations or any other documents required by the HR department. Moreover, they might need to fill forms detailing their particulars, family background - the list goes on. Today, advanced software and automated technologies have streamlined employee boarding. However, with the numerous technology tools out there, it might be difficult to pinpoint which are the right tools to ensure a successful onboarding process. To help you get started, here are three useful tips so that you can start to make technological improvements on your onboarding process today.

1. Going paperless and optimise for mobile devices

Replicating your HR forms online is a great way for your new hires to get a head start on filling up the forms. That way, you new hires can easily complete these HR forms even before their first day and allows you to focus on the more pressing elements of the onboarding process. Furthermore, with an increasing number of people connecting on mobile devices, making your HR forms mobile friendly provides them the added convenience of filling them while on the go. Finally, going paperless means less administrative work for the HR department and helps the company to cut down on paper costs as well!

2. Digital learning platforms

Remember that each and every new hire will probably have a different learning style. Handing them a 100-page "handbook" is not onboarding. Neither is dumping a stack of company brochures or information on the company intranet and asking them to "read through it". Essentially, you should implement an onboarding training system that is intuitive, customizable and collaborative. Try providing your new hires different training options such as e-learning, online webinars, surveys and making it easy for them to navigate around. After all, sending them on a wild goose chase to search for the appropriate training materials would make them less inclined to find time and utilise them.

3. Employee engagement

Across industries, companies are using big data and analytics to make their HR processes more effective and efficient. Similarly, your company's onboarding process can also be improved by measuring and tracking the right metrics. One possible way is to have your new hires provide formal feedback on the process and this could be easily done via an online survey (going paperless again). Compiling their responses can help the HR department identify pain points for new hires and allow them to further refine the process to make it better. Moreover, there are numerous HR tools available that helps to track the performance of your new hires and allow them to set goals upon joining the company.

Utilising technology in your onboarding process will streamline the process and reduce the amount of paperwork for the HR department. Moreover, it will provide your new hires with a fulfilling onboarding experience which will go a long way increasing their productivity and overall job satisfaction. Therefore, it is imperative to invest in the right technology that will make those crucial first weeks enjoyable and productive for your new hires.

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