reasonswhyyoulovegpayroll convenience

Smart dashboard.
Your personal assistant.

Our smart dashboard guides you through every single step. Just like your virtual personal assistant it remembers important dates for you, and ensures that your monthly payroll is well taken care of.

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reasonswhyyoulovegpayroll hasslefree

Statutory filings. All automated.

We take care of country-specific calculations such as witholding tax and SSF. Generate the statutory reports and file them to the statutory boards. Fast and easy..

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reasonswhyyoulovegpayroll timesaving

Salary disbursements.

No more manual cheque issuance. We regularly configure our system so your payroll files are always compatible with the various banks for easy export and upload for salary payments.

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reasonswhyyoulovegpayroll datasecurity 03

Your data. Safe with us.

Our private cloud infrastructure assures security, giving you a peace of mind. We have our own in-house IT experts, giving us greater control on managing information security.

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