Gpayroll is an easy to use, self-run payroll service with an intuitive and automated system that helps business owners focus on their core business without the hassle of managing payroll.


Our team strives to connect employers and employees in a meaningful way more than just compensation exchange for the their work.

With the advantage on leveraging technology, we aim to offer reliefs to businesses by making payroll simpler, easier and as automated as possible. We believe, our customers is our business and our friends too.

Why G logo about

Good: Payroll is traditionally tedious and dull. We focus on reinventing payroll experience and making it simply good.

Green: Online payroll is paperless. We save our environment by consuming less trees.

Global: We are small but ambitious. Very soon, we will go beyond Asia to reach the globe.

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Go the extra mile

Be it our team or our customers, we believe that we will be handsomely rewarded with loyalty, referrals and opportunity when we go beyond delivering what works. We are passionate on what we do.

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We are innovators

Never innovate to compete; innovate to change the rules of the game. Team discussions and brainstorming happen every now and then as we collectively build our product and business. Our goal is always to offer the best solution to solving our customers’ payroll problems.

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Every employee is an owner, we take accountability for our actions and results.


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