The Importance of Culture Fit in a Startup Hiring

20 August, 2019
Gpayroll - startup culture

With the slew of Millennials in the workplace today coupled with the thriving startup scene, startup companies exudes the impression of a dynamic workplace - an environment with endless opportunities for employees to grow and learn, chances for employees to contribute innovative ideas that might fuel the company's growth and the possibility of reaping huge rewards should the company eventually succeeds and grow.

However, it is the dynamic and high-staked startup environment that makes it crucial to emphasize on the workplace culture during the startup hiring process. With only a handful of staff within a startup, the impact of a strong fit or a mismatch is highly magnified. An employee that can assimilate well into the startup culture can help to boost morale, increase productivity levels and encourage more innovative and creative ideas. On the other hand, an employee that is unable to fit into the startup culture might result in a disengaged workforce or worse, bring down the entire startup venture.

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Weird job titles that make even the most boring jobs sound thrilling

13 August, 2019
Gpayroll - job title

The first thing that all job candidates that look out for are the job titles. Likewise, in the working world, job titles can either make or break an employee - providing that first impression to peers, clients and customers outside the organisation.

Gone are the days whereby job titles such as "Manager" or "Vice President" appear on recruitment advertisements. These days, unique and perhaps weird, job titles the likes of ninjas, gurus and wizards, have been popping up on job listings websites as a moniker for jobs that might otherwise sound rather unappealing. While tech giants - the likes of Google and Facebook - provide a library of exotic job titles, smaller companies are also starting to catch on this trend.

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Engaging employees in small business hiring

06 August, 2019
Gpayroll - peer

Despite being a dot on the map, with an unemployment rate of 2 per cent and a GDP per capita of close of USD 58,000 in 2017, this makes the Singapore's economy one of the strongest in the world. This economy is powered by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which unanimously are a crucial component of the Singapore economy. According to figures from the Department of Statistics, SMEs have generated half of the nation's growth in gross value added since 2013.

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Employee benefits worth getting excited about

30 July, 2019
Gpayroll - employee benefit

Employee benefits has been top of HR’s list of priorities in recent years. As employees are increasingly taking charge of their well-being at work, employers and HR are starting to come up with innovative and unique benefits to keep their workforce engaged and productive.

An in-house masseur? Checked. Unlimited childcare leave? Checked. Paid adoption care leave? Checked. The slew of benefits that companies are coming up with today are almost close to “astounding”.

However, as companies come up increasingly “out of this world” benefits to “lure” employees, you as an employee need to be able to identify which benefits actually work for you.

Here are some strategies to evaluate which benefits are the ones that will ultimately benefit you.

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