Every Leader Needs To Know These Factors In Retaining Millennials

18 February, 2020
By Bryon in Human Resource

The entry of Millennials into the workplace today is rapidly changing the way things are being done in the workplace. These group of individuals, defined as those born between 1979 to 2000, make up the largest generation in the Singapore workforce today.

According to a report compiled by software fim Condeco, which surveyed 500 business leaders in six countries, it found that workplaces have changed to fit the needs to millennials

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Should Your Employees Check In With Work While On Holiday

11 February, 2020
By Bryon in Human Resource

When your employees take personal time off, the organisation still runs as usual. Products and services need to be sold, clients’ queries need to be handled and administrative tasks needs to be taken care of. However, when employees go on a vacation, does this mean that they should still check in with work to ensure that business still runs as usual?

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Five Workplace Skills Vital For The Workplace Of Tomorrow

04 February, 2020
By G-Team in Human Resource
Gpayroll - workplace
As workplaces become more modern and technology taking over administrative jobs or completing eradicating humans at work, it makes one wonder - what will the workplace of tomorrow look like? For some, they believe that robots or artificial intelligence (AI) will completely take over all our jobs today. For others, they believe that AI will enhance our work processes, allowing humans to focus on more strategic initiatives and come up with new innovations.

Regardless of the outcome, the constant worry that plagues employees today is ensuring competency in the future workplace. At the rate that technology is advancing, what are the vital skills that employees need in order to stay relevant in the workplace of tomorrow.
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Do's and Don'ts of buying HR Software

28 January, 2020
By RenQun Huang in Human Resource
Gpayroll - hr software

In the world of digitalisation today, HR technology is rampant amongst organisations. After all, there is a plethora of benefits that comes with HR software - streamline HR processes, abolishment of administrative HR tasks and automatic HR payroll calculation.

However, with the numerous HR software vendors, each with their own unique value proposition, this makes is relatively difficult for organisations to pick the “best” one. Truth is, there is no one single “best” HR software. In fact, the “best” HR software is one that fits into the organisation’s overall HR strategy and is able to integrate seamless into the existing HR processes.

More often than not, HR professionals struggle to find a suitable HR vendor. It could be due to factors such as poor communication between the software vendor and HR professionals or a lack of understanding of the HR software. Here are some factors that

Here are some considerations that HR professionals should take into account when choosing a HR software.

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