Your Word Choice And Tone Matters In Communication

24 July, 2019
By G-Team in Human Resource
Gpayroll - talk
As a leader, communication is key. It builds a relationship of trust with your employees and co-workers. It helps to channel your ideas and direction to your employees and senior management. However, while frequent communication is imperative, your choice of words and tone can actually have a significant impact on how you portray yourself to others.
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[Guide] How to submit a support ticket

24 July, 2019
By G-Team in Payroll
Gpayroll - support ticket
Do you know that due to data confidentiality, the access to our customers' payroll data is limited? Thus, our support team may request our customers to submit a ticket through our payroll application to gain a temporary access to your payroll data. Here is a guide on how to submit a ticket through our application.
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Building a workforce that deliver magical experiences

23 July, 2019
Gpayroll - sharing

Nope, we are not referring to spells, tricks or potions but building up a workforce within the organisation that helps to deliver an enriching experience to both clients and customers.

For instance, in 2016, Walt Disney Co. was voted by Americans as the top company out of the top 100 companies of the Fortune 500 companies that they would want to work for. This is not surprising given that culture is king within Walt Disney Co.'s workplace.

While this does not necessarily means that all companies need to strive to build 100 over theme parks or cruise liners across the world, here are some ways in which we can take a leaf out of Disney's book.

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Maximising the value of personal time off

16 July, 2019
Gpayroll - paid time off
Asians are widely known for the "longer hour working hours translate to a hardworking employee" attitude. With Singaporeans feeling mentally fatigue at work to reports of employees dying due to overwork in Japan overworking in Japan, it seems that employees today are working far too hard.

To minimise this worrying trend, one possible solution that employees can consider would be to implement a Personal Time-Off (PTO) policy.

PTO days are not to be confused with traditional time off policies, in which leave days are categorised into vacation days, sick leave or parental leave. The former lumps all of these different leave days into one category.

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