Payroll tips for you this festive season

05 December, 2019
By G-Team in Payroll
It is just a few weeks away from Christmas and many are processing their payroll early this month. Who wouldn't want to have an delightful payroll experience? For many small business owners, year end is a busy period for payroll and tax filing preparation. If running payroll for the last couple of years has been a little nutty, how about a change this coming new year?
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Employer branding against corporate culture and employee engagement

03 December, 2019
Gpayroll - branding

Employer branding is a big business in the workplace today. It is one of the core pillars of recruitment and talent attraction. As companies increasingly understand the importance of employer branding, the demand for employee branding has led to the proliferation of employer brand agencies and employer brand conferences.

As defined by Universum, employer branding is defined as “the process of promoting a company, or an organization, as the employer of choice to a desired target group, one which a company needs and wants to recruit and retain”.

While employer branding is technically built upon company culture and employee engagement - after all there should be some form of company culture to promote to the talent pool - eventually, employer branding might end up defining the culture within the company and how the leaders strive to engage and retain talent.

Here’s why:

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HKIHRM Annual Conference & Exhibition

29 November, 2019
By G-Team in Human Resource
Gpayroll - HKIHRM conference
Earlier this week, we have attended the HKIHRM Annual Conference. There are exhibitions, workshops and symposiums that dive into the latest HR trends and the change HR landscape. There are also talks by major industry leaders such as Mr John Tsang from Bowtie who talks about managing workforce from geneneration Y and Z, with other topics such as managing digital talent, inclusion & diversity at the workplace, data analytics in HR and employee wellness.

Our workforce today is largely made up of Millennials and Gen Z. WIth the changing workforce demographics, organisations have to be more “creative” in attracting and retaining talent.

However, research has recently shown that if an organisation lacks the latest HR technology, they may risk losing out on the youngest, yet brightest talent.

According to a recently published survey by a talent acquisition software provider, Yello, it found that technology has a significant impact on Gen Z’s decision to accept a job with an organisation. Figures show that more than half (54%) of Gen Z survey respondents have indicated that they will not bother applying for a job at an organisation with outdated recruitment methods.

This is not surprising given that the Gen Z are notable for their tech-savviness and heavy reliance on social media platforms and digital gadgets. As such, organisations have to tailor their recruitment accordingly in order to tap into this pool of candidates.
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Is it time for payroll year-end already?

28 November, 2019
By G-Team in Payroll
Is it time for payroll year-end already? Payroll - the monthly affair in which HR are constantly on their toes to answer any questions that employees have. Regardless of how prepared HR might be, there are bound to be difficult questions in which HR have to field every month.

Nevertheless, there are bound to be some questions that are commonly asked by employees after every pay day. Here are some tips for HR to field common payroll questions from employees.
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