[Guide] No Pay Leave by hours

15 January, 2020
By G-Team in Payroll
Gpayroll - no pay leave

There are more companies providing more flexibility for employees to take no pay leave by hours instead of having to take half day or full day no pay leave. We have enhanced our payroll software to calculate no pay leave by hours. This way, you no longer need to manually calculate for this type of no pay leave for payroll. Here is how you can enter instruction when running your payroll.

On the payroll instruction page, select "Add Payment Item" --> "Unpaid Leave"

User can enter the no pay leave hours accordingly. Then process the payroll.

That's it, it is pretty simple and convenient. If you need further assistance, reach out to us through live chat or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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[Guide] Running Additional Payroll Cycle/Batch

15 January, 2020
By G-Team in Payroll
Gpayroll - payroll batch

Sometimes companies may process additional payroll cycles in a month where they might pay out expense reimbursements and commissions separately. User can create additional payroll batches and what is more is that previous batch payroll history can now also be accessible by HR user. Here is how you can create new batch and access previous payroll batch history data.

Click on "Run" --> Select the period and then "Create New Batch".

To access the historical payroll batches, user can select the "Pay Year" and "Pay Month", and the summary will with the respective batches (if any) will be displayed.

That is it! Read our article on "Changing Your Payroll Periods" to learn more on implementing an efficient pay frequency that is best for your company.

For more information on any other time saving features that Gpayroll has to offer, feel free to get in touch with our support team at any time.

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Companies Are Doing This One Thing To Reduce Employee Stress

14 January, 2020
By G-Team in Payroll
Gpayroll - savings
In a survey conducted by investment management company, BlackRock in 2017, survey results show that Singaporeans are worried about outliving their retirement savings.

According to the survey results, 64% of Singaporeans are worried about running out of retirement. This figure is the highest proportion across the Asia Pacific region. Additionally, nearly nine out of ten Singaporeans believe that they are responsible for their own retirement savings. However, less than three-quarters of the survey respondents have started saving.
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Does The “Unconscious Bias” Problem Exist In Your Office?

07 January, 2020
By G-Team in Human Resource
Gpayroll payroll software blog - job
In every organisation, there are a myriad of problems within the office. It can be a perpetual feud with an co-worker, overload of work, unhappiness with senior leaders’ management style or the general workplace culture. But have you ever heard of the “unconscious bias” problem?
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