Five Workplace Skills Vital For The Workplace Of Tomorrow

04 February, 2020
By G-Team in Human Resource
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As workplaces become more modern and technology taking over administrative jobs or completing eradicating humans at work, it makes one wonder - what will the workplace of tomorrow look like? For some, they believe that robots or artificial intelligence (AI) will completely take over all our jobs today. For others, they believe that AI will enhance our work processes, allowing humans to focus on more strategic initiatives and come up with new innovations.

Regardless of the outcome, the constant worry that plagues employees today is ensuring competency in the future workplace. At the rate that technology is advancing, what are the vital skills that employees need in order to stay relevant in the workplace of tomorrow.
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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to understand and facilitate emotion. In the workplace, this is a highly valuable skill as employees with good EQ are able to create a positive working environment. These are the people who are able to respect new ideas in the workplace, motivate co-workers and help to boost morale in the workplace.


In order to excel in the workplace of tomorrow, where automation are taking over work that used to be done by humans, the key is to be self-aware. Being self-aware is to know when to reach out to others for help in order to get things done. The ability to reach out to others, be collaborative and communicate with others is imperative to stay relevant in the workplace of tomorrow.

Embrace change

Learn to spot trends and embrace change. At the rate which technology is evolving today, change is the new constant. With the variety of new jobs, increasing demands for new skillsets, one needs to continually develop new skills to enhance existing skills and to keep up with the changes in order to stay competent.

Accept diversity in the workplace

As the workplace today is filled with employees coming from a myriad of backgrounds, it is important to encourage diversity in the workplace to facilitate new ideas and growth in the workplace. Senior leaders and HR tend to employ like-minded people as a “safer” option. However, diversity is crucial for innovative ideas to develop and it allows people to understand each other better.

Be open to feedback

The key to be successful in the future workplace is to be open to feedback, regardless of positive or critical. There are times whereby people are blind to their own mistakes and this is where they need someone to point it out to them where they are doing it wrong. Likewise, feedback is an important catalyst for change. Without feedback, one will not know what and how to change.