[Guide] Mapping payitems to your accounts - Xero

06 March, 2018
By G-Team in Payroll
Gpayroll payroll software blog - Xero integration

In the previous article, [Guide] How to connect Gpayroll & Xero?, we have shared on how to connect your payroll account to Xero. After you have done that, you can import your charts of accounts from Xero to Gpayroll. The next step is to have your accountant performs the mapping of the payitems to the accounts. In this guide, we will share with you on how to perform the import of your charts of accounts and how to perform the mapping of the payitems.

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After the two platforms are connected, you will be automatically brought back to Gpayroll's application. You will be on the "Xero: Configuration" page. If you are not, you can access this page by clicking "Xero" under the "Partners" section on the left hand side menu of Gpayroll.

Click on "Import Now" to import your chart of accounts from Xero. Select all the accounts and click "Save & Proceed".

On the "Payitems Charts of Accounts", select the cost center and click "Query". Then click "Add" to begin the mapping process.

You only need to map those payroll payitems that your company is using or going to be using. Ensure that all the active payitems are being mapped or you will face problems when porting over your payroll expenses to Xero. After selecting your payoll payitems, click "Next" to map to your accounts.

That's it, it is pretty simple and straightforward. For more information on any other time saving features that Gpayroll has to offer, feel free to get in touch with our support team at any time. In the next article, [Guide] How to post payroll expenses to Xero, we will share how to submit your monthly payroll expenses to Xero.