Why Gpayroll Is Simply The Best Online Payroll?

25 March, 2019
By G-Team in Payroll
Gpayroll - payroll
In Feb 2019, Gpayroll is awarded the top HR Tech Startups at People Matters TechHR Startup Program Singapore 2019. It's rare in the online payroll software arena to have an Asia payroll startup that can cover 8 countries payroll, excellent enough to make paying your employees an enjoyable experience.
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Known for its exceptionally clean and simple interface, Gpayroll is loaded with not only payroll features but also general human resource (HR) management features. All these features are part of why it wins the top HR Tech Startups in various conferences, but another important factor is the small business-friendly price tag.

Simplified Setup
Setting up a payroll application is complicated, and 100 percent accuracy is needed. Your first run will not be correct if you have made even a small error. Like its competitors, Gpayroll walks you through this task, prompting you on what's needed, and supporting you with detailed help articles and demos.

You first add your company's name and address, then enter the preliminary information for each employee's record. You can provide all the necessary information by web form or using a template to bulk upload the data.

Payroll consists of two parts, payroll calculation and post payroll activities such as statutory filing and salary disbursements. Through the integration partners with the statutory boards and banks, the payroll software is scheduled to file and disburse salaries on its own. Save the trouble of filing through the government/banks portal with this unique function of Gpayroll.

Switching from an existing payroll method or application to a new one at any one time other than the start of the year can be a monster data entry job. You need to have the last year payroll history and employee personal data ready. Gpayroll simplifies this through its exceptionally friendly user interface and also offering complimentary implementation assistance services.

Leave, Expense & Timesheet Administration
Gpayroll already integrated leave, expense and timesheet management functionality with its payroll software, and also rolled out a new, all-in-one HR management software last year to ease HR administration like employment letter issuance and document management. Employment letter templates can be created online and send out to employees through the application.

No pay leave, expense reimbursements and timesheets can be sync to payroll software without manual data entry. With these functions combined with payroll, the product is a good choice for SMEs. Another feature is the lifetime employee accounts, which let employees access historical payslip and tax forms even after leaving or being terminated from their current company.

Fast Payroll Processing
Depending on the number of employees that you have and the amount of history data to be migrated, setup work can take anywhere from about 45 minutes to several hours, assuming you have all of the necessary information ready to go when you begin.

Your dashboard is the best place to go once you've completed setup. It displays three types of information that apply to your specific situation. There's a to-do list, which will suggest you to run your payroll, upload your bank file if you have missed the datelines. The key dates box usually tells you when you need to complete the upcoming payroll. Headcount variation and company expenses summary give you a quick overview across the months.

Running your payroll should only take a few minutes. Gpayroll displays an employee list that includes the monthly salary or hourly/daily rate for each employee. You can enter any regular and overtime hours, and then any additional payitems necessary: commission, bonus, reimbursement, and other earnings (such as unpaid leave and recurring allowances). You can also choose between direct deposit and cash/cheque payment here, and you can write a personal note on the electronic payslip if you wish.

Completing the post payroll activities
You have the option to save your data and continue later if you're unsure of anything, or you can continue on to the next screen to approve your payroll. The final screen provides a summary of the payroll you have just completed. You can see the total for employee netpay, as well as the amount of employee and employer payroll taxes due from this run. You will be able to see clearly how much money is about to be deducted from your bank account for salary disbursement. Most software requires you to execute the salary payments yourself and make your own statutory filing. But Gpayroll's unique feature, AutoWage, will disbursed salaries automatically by itself after your payroll is approved.

Statutory filings are also automatically executed with Gpayroll's unique feature, AutoFiling, that will file your monthly provident funds and taxes to the statutory boards.

The final step is importing your payroll data into an accounting application, if you use one. Gpayroll facilitates integration with some of the most popular invoicing and accounting solutions, including top choices, QuickBooks Online, and Xero.

Once you've finished your payroll, you will want to be able to look over it and analyze the data, and that's where reports come in. Reports are available in Excel with useful reports like year to date history report, reconciliation report, payroll detail by cost center etc.

Capable, Usable, and Affordable
Payroll is a complex set of data and tasks. It requires as much simplicity in terms of user interface and navigation. Small businesspeople are already struggling with the payroll, and they don't need to fight with their application, too. Gpayroll stands out in the crowd as one need not have to wonder how to get to a particular screen. Its' visual appeal, it is almost a pleasure to use.

It's unusual for a fairly young company to expand that quickly in Asia region, especially for an application as complicated as payroll, but Gpayroll did it where they are featured in various conferences and awards. The service costs might be a little more than others, but it's well worth the price. Gpayroll's features and usability would make it a good choice for both small and growing businesses. It excels in every element of payroll, and takes a very friendly approach to a rather unfriendly process, living up to her tagline "Goodbye Payroll Stress".