[Guide] What To Do After AutoWage Is Approved?

29 March, 2019
By G-Team in Payroll
Gpayroll - autowage
After your AutoWage's application is approved, you are just one step away from full salary disbursements automation. Once you received the email from Gpayroll Support Team on the approval, you need to give your confirmation on the activation month. Below are a few items to take note.
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Employee's bank account no. to be accurate.

Download Employee Master Report to check the bank name/branch code/account number.

Incorrect branch code or account number will result in payment failure and pay day delay. For payment failure due to Employee’s bank account number error, a charge of $50.00 will be applied for repayment.

Running the payroll

You will need to (1) Run and (2) Approved payroll at least 5 working days before payday. Any delay in running payroll will caused late salary disbursement to the employees.

Upon approving the salary payments, no further changes can be done – therefore please check the payroll data before clicking the approval button.

For example, your payday is set up as 1st day of following month, March payday will be 1st April.

25 Mar 19 - Payroll Run Completed and Approved in Gpayroll account.
26 Mar 19 - Collection instruction will be sent to your bank to deduct the funds from your corporate account (processing take 2 working days)
28 Mar 19 - Payment instruction will be sent to credit the salaries into employee's bank account (processing take 2 working days)
01 Apr 19 - This will be the day where employees will received their salaries.

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