How does a successful person spend the first hour of their day

15 October, 2019
Gpayroll - work day

One hour might seem to be a relatively short time compared to the number of hours in a day. However, this first one hour of your day might turn out to be the most important hour - the hour whereby you are able to see things in a clearer picture and identify key tasks to be done, or spent complaining about the lack of sleep and endless pile of work. Essentially, how you spend the first hour of your day can determine how your productivity levels for the rest of the day.

Here are some ways to spend the first hour of your day which will truly make a difference to how you spend your day subsequently.

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Reinventing the role of HR today

08 October, 2019
Gpayroll - reinvent HR

HR today is at a crossroad. Once designed to be an administrative people management and payroll department, HR today has to be agile, business-integrated and strategic.

Given the advancements in technology and the modernising shift in workplace mindsets today, HR no longer takes the backseat in terms of critical work functions. In order to keep up with the rapidly changing pace of business, HR has to step up its game and reinvent its skills and capabilities in ensure alignment with the organisation's goals.

Here are some ways in which HR can reinvent itself to avoid status quo within the organisation.

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6 things your HR head should be doing right now

01 October, 2019
Gpayroll - HR

The HR department plays an important role within the organisation. Employee welfare, benefits, onboarding, social activities - all typically fall under the purview of the HR department. Of course, all these are executed by the HR professionals and executives themselves but without the strategic direction from top management, these HR initiatives and processes might not even take off.

Given that the workplace and employee needs are constantly changing, here are six things that you HR head should be doing right now to meet these evolving needs.

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Here's how you can be more productive at work

24 September, 2019
Gpayroll - work productivity

With only eight working hours a day and a mountain of workload, most people would no doubt want to maximise their time in office.

However, how can one be truly productive at work when there are multiple "distractions" at work?

For starters, work constantly piles up every day. Once you have cleared a particular tasks, there will always be new tasks to work on. After all, that is the nature of work.

Then there is peer pressure. The pressure to appear busy and productive, as well as the pressure to take part in social activities and work lunches. However, if the company values face time over actually getting work done, employees will not have the incentive to be productive. Similarly, social activities and work lunches can leave employees drained from the social interactions, resulting in a less productive afternoon.

However, there are numerous ways to juggle multiple tasks while being highly productive as well.

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