Accounting & Finance Show Hong Kong - Post Event

27 September, 2019
By G-Team in Payroll
Gpayroll - accounting & finance show
This week, we attended the Accounting & Finance Show Hong Kong that brought 1,500 attendees from SMEs and accountancy practices in Hong Kong. We are happy to meet up with the people who came by our booth to share on our online payroll software solution. With the high digital consumer rates in Hong Kong, many businesses are aware of the technological advancements such as digitalisation or software applications that can help employees manage administrative repetitive tasks.
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Raise the wages of service staff of implement a tipping culture?

20 September, 2019
By in Payroll
Gpayroll - wages of staff

The wages for service staff has been a longstanding debate. These particular group of employees are subjected to long working hours, even longer overtime hours and nasty remarks from customers - all for a meagre hourly rate figure.

In countries like United States, service crew can rely on tips to boost their daily or monthly earnings. According to the United States Department of Labor, the minimum hourly rate that a tipped restaurant service crew in United States earn is USD2.13 (SGD2.85) per hour. In general, the tipping rate in United States ranges between 15% to 20% of the total bill, depending on the quality of service. Most of the time, these tips are for the service crew themselves to keep.

In Singapore, there is no minimum wage law implemented. However, service crew in Singapore can expected to earn only about SGD6 to SGD10 per hour. Moreover, tipping is not customary in Singapore - even in restaurants. In some places, such as airport, airport staff are forbidden from accepting tips.

With this single-figure hourly rate, coupled with the 10 hours and 6 days work week that service crew are expected to work, this brings their monthly salaries to around SGD1,000 to SGD1,500 at best. Is this amount sufficient for service crew to get by? Certainly not.

The solution? Raise the hourly wages for service crew or implement a tipping culture in Singapore.

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Gpayroll offers 6-month free payroll SaaS on Cloud only for Start-ups

09 September, 2019
By G-Team in Payroll
Gpayroll - free
Dear Start-up friends,

Gpayroll would like to offer 6-month free service of Cloud-based payroll solutions only for start-ups.

Gpayroll recently won the first prize at HR PitchFest from one of the largest HR Tech event in Singapore, hosted by HRM Asia and sponsored by Enterprise Singapore.
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[Guide] SOCSO contribution for Category 2

04 September, 2019
By G-Team in Payroll
Gpayroll - socso category 2
How much do you know about SOCSO contribution in Malaysia payroll? There are two types of contribution categories and in this guide, we will show you how to update the correct category on our online payroll software. SOCSO contributions are divided into two (2) types, namely:
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