Mosque Building and Mendaki Fund (MBMF)

The Mosque Building and Mendaki Fund (MBMF) comprises of Mosque Building component and Mendaki component. The Mosque Building component is used for the building of new mosques while the Mendaki component is used to develop educational and social programmes to strengthen and uplift Malay/Muslim families. Under the Administration of Muslim Law (Variation of Schedule) Notification 2009, the MBMF will be expanded to provide for mosque-upgrading and redevelopment projects as well as for the funding of religious education.

Under Section 78 of the Administration of Muslim Law Act (AMLA), all Muslim employees are subjected to MBMF contribution. This includes Muslim permanent residents and foreign workers.

  • Every employer of a Muslim employee is required to deduct the monthly contributions to the MBMF from the employee’s monthly wages. The employee includes Muslim permanent resident and foreign worker.
  • Employee may increase or decrease his/her contribution to either MBF component or Mendaki component or both by informing Muis and his/her employer on a prescribed form.
  • Employee may opt out of either MBF component or Mendaki component or both if he/she wishes to. He/She has to submit a prescribed form for his/her request to Muis after which a certificate will be issued to him/her. The employee shall, with the certificate, notify his/her employer who will then cease his/her contribution.
  • The prescribed form can be downloaded here.
  • The employer who fails to pay the employees’ contributions to MBMF shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $500.

A non-Singaporean Muslim employee who is holding an Employment Pass or Work Permit is a foreign worker. Muslim foreign workers are also subjected to MBMF contribution.

Muslim employee is subjected to the MBMF contribution regardless of their races. If he/she does not wish to contribute to one of the Funds i.e. CDAC, SINDA or MBMF, he/she needs to submit an opt-out form to the respective agency

If one of his/her employers has made the MBMF monthly deduction, the other employer does not need to deduct.

If the employees are currently contributing different amount from the current standard rate, their contribution will remain as they are. However do advise your employee to fill up MBMF Change Form (Form C) if he/she wish to amend the contribution amount.

The cut-off date is the same as cut-off date for CPF contribution i.e. 14th day of the following month. For employees who do not contribute to CPF, the employer should issue a cheque to MUIS for their MBMF contribution.

Any employer who has recovered any MBMF contributions from employee and failed to pay the contributions within such time shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $2,000.

The prescribed form is called MBMF Change Form (Form C). The form can be filled in for employee who wants to increase or decrease his/her contribution, and also to opt-out from Mosque Building component or Mendaki component or Religious Education component or all.

You can call our hotline at 6359 1199 or email your queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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