Payroll software user guides

After your AutoWage's application is approved, you are just one step away from full salary disbursements automation. Once you received the email from Gpayroll Support Team on the approval, you need to give your confirmation on the activation month. Read more here.

Here is a guide on how to register and access to your Gpayroll account. If you are an employee, you will received an email invitation from your HR or business owner to register to Gpayroll. If you are trying out our payroll software, you will received an email invitation from our sales person to register to Gpayroll's demo account. For both, you can follow the below steps to gain access to our online payroll application. Read more here.

Once you have logged onto your Gpayroll account, you will have to click on “Timesheet”. From there you can start to setup your overtime hour calculation. Read more here.

Once you have logged onto your Gpayroll account, you will have to click on “Run” under Payroll. When on the page, you will have to click on “Start Run”. Read more here.

Inputted the wrong bank account number for your employee? Or unsure as to how to input the bank account number? Well, take a look at this guide now.

Always had to go through a big procedure when an employee left the company? Fret no more, because Gpayroll is here. In this guide, we will be showing you how to process your terminated or resigned employees in just a few steps! Take a look here.

With this Gpayroll feature, syncing your unpaid leaves & claims cannot be any easier! Within minutes and everything is synced! Take a look as to how you can go about syncing your unpaid leave & claims with Gpayroll now. Read more here.

Have different work schedules for each employee? Fret no more! By setting up a work calendar, you are able to assign different work calendars to different employees in just a few clicks! Take a look at our guide to set up your customised work calendar here.

How much easier would it be, now that you are able to download payroll reports in bulk? With this feature, you are able to access your payroll reports within a few clicks! Take a look at our guide here.

Payslips are so much easier to access when they are online, aren't they? It is so much more convenient to be able to view your payslips and download them for safekeeping. We've put together a guide on how to do so here.

How much easier is it now that you are able to monitor & assign Compensation & Benefits (C&Bs) to your employees? Using this feature, it helps the User to make sure that the employees are assigned properly & appropriately. Let's take a look on how to set up C&B for your employees here.

With this feature of our payroll software, you are now able to add Payitems to your convenience by renaming and making sure you are able to keep track of the payitems of your employees! Here is how you can do so.

How much do you know about the back salary calculation in our payroll software? Saw a back salary payment in your employees' payroll and not sure what it is? There could be several reasons why a back salary occurs and we will share more here.

Want your creatively designed Company Logo to be shown brightly on your employees' payslip? Wait no more! Now, you are able to upload your company logo and entity so that its seen on your payslip! See how to do so now here.

As we provide multi country payroll software solution, different countries payroll may handle display the surname and given name of the employee in different order. Our team has recently enhance our payroll software to provide flexibility to configure the legal name display. Here is a guide on how to perform the setup.

There are more companies providing more flexibility for employees to take no pay leave by hours instead of having to take half day or full day no pay leave. We have enhanced our payroll software to calculate no pay leave by hours. This way, you no longer need to manually calculate for this type of no pay leave for payroll. Here is how you can enter instruction when running your payroll.

Sometimes companies may process additional payroll cycles in a month where they might pay out expense reimbursements and commissions separately. User can create additional payroll batches and what is more is that previous batch payroll history can now also be accessible by HR user. Here is how you can create new batch and access previous payroll batch history data.

When running the payroll, you may need to withhold the salary payment for tax clearance purposes. We have enhanced our payroll software to allow user to withhold the salary, the netpay amount, after performing payroll calculation. This way, user will not need to pre-calculate the netpay and insert the Income Withheld payitem prior to the payroll run. Here is how you can do it.

This is a commonly asked question when it comes to year-end or when there is a leaver in a company: "Why there is a CPF top up contribution in this month payroll?". Most of the clients may encounter a CPF top up for their employee if the employee did not contribute the correct CPF in one of the previous months. This could happen if the user was performing manual CPF calculation prior to using our payroll software and the data provided during the data migration stage is incorrect. Read more here.

Many are confused or not sure whether an intern is subjected to skill development levy, CPF and race funds contributions. We have consolidated the information for your easy reference to ensure that you are compliant to the regulations. We will also share how you can set up the employee's profile in our payroll software so that it can calculate the payroll correctly. Read more here.

Having a new hire and wondering why there is no personal withholding tax calculated by the payroll software? Here is a guide on how you can do a simple check on your payroll with our Tax Rate Report. It is simple and easy. Read more here.

Here is a guide on how to put in Long-Term Equity Fund/Retirement Mutual Fund for tax relief calculation for Thailand payroll. You can use the ad-hoc payitem, Long-Term Equity Fund, in our software which is enabled. Read more here.

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