Registration & access user guides

Here is a guide on how to register and access to your Gpayroll account. If you are an employee, you will received an email invitation from your HR or business owner to register to Gpayroll. Read more here.

Want your employees to be able to access the leave, claim & timesheets module for better convenience? Then you have come to the right guide! Read more here.

Going on a holiday & need someone to take over your Gpayroll account? Then this is the right guide for you! Read more here.

Going for a holiday and need someone to take charge? In this user guide, we will show you how to create a new administrator and delegate the work you will be missing out while on vacation! Read more here.

Now with the ability to invite your employees, it is much easier for them to access the portal and input any necessary information! Take a look at our guide now. Read more here.

When there are more than five invalid attempts in logging to your Gpayroll's account. Your account will be temporarily not available until you reset your password. Here is how you can reset your own password.

Do you know that due to data confidentiality, the access to our customers' payroll data is limited? Thus, our support team may request our customers to submit a ticket through our payroll application to gain a temporary access to your payroll data. Here is a guide on how to submit a ticket through our application.

Access management is the process of granting authorized users the right to use a service, while preventing access to non-authorized users. Here is a guide on how to do so.

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