Employee benefits worth getting excited about

01 August, 2019
By G-Team in Human Resource

Employee benefits has been top of HR’s list of priorities in recent years. As employees are increasingly taking charge of their well-being at work, employers and HR are starting to come up with innovative and unique benefits to keep their workforce engaged and productive.

An in-house masseur? Checked. Unlimited childcare leave? Checked. Paid adoption care leave? Checked. The slew of benefits that companies are coming up with today are almost close to “astounding”.

However, as companies come up increasingly “out of this world” benefits to “lure” employees, you as an employee need to be able to identify which benefits actually work for you.

Here are some strategies to evaluate which benefits are the ones that will ultimately benefit you.

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Maximising the value of personal time off

18 July, 2019
By G-Team in Human Resource
Asians are widely known for the "longer hour working hours translate to a hardworking employee" attitude. With Singaporeans feeling mentally fatigue at work to reports of employees dying due to overwork in Japan overworking in Japan, it seems that employees today are working far too hard.

To minimise this worrying trend, one possible solution that employees can consider would be to implement a Personal Time-Off (PTO) policy.

PTO days are not to be confused with traditional time off policies, in which leave days are categorised into vacation days, sick leave or parental leave. The former lumps all of these different leave days into one category.

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Practical HR Hacks for Small Businesses

11 July, 2019
By G-Team in Human Resource

For every small business, growth always ranks high on the list of priorities. When it comes to setting up a proper Human Resources (HR) to manage employees, here are some practical HR hacks to help develop the company culture and create a productive team of employees.

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Setting up a non-employee business

04 July, 2019
By G-Team in Human Resource

Setting Up A Non-Employee Business

With the rising gig economy, would it be possible for a company to have zero employees? For New Jersey-based company, Tools4Wisdom, a company that produces calendar planners, it seems to be highly profitable.

Laszlo Nadler, the founder of Tools4Wisdom, managed to generate an annual revenue of USD2 million with just zero employees.

If that sounds impossible, here are some tips to run a non-employee business.

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