Creating Boundaries At Work

09 October, 2018
By G-Team in Human Resource
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In a recent video shared by actress, Mayim Bialik, on the Meaning of Mezuzah, she discusses about the boundaries in life and how they impact our lives - the way we think and behave.

Putting that into the workplace context, while most of us tend to be physically at work, our minds tend to be somewhere else. With back to back meetings, endless calls from clients and the daily influx of work emails, this makes present and well-thought decisions a luxury in our daily lives.
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Top 3 Challenges That Payroll Professionals Face

02 October, 2018
By G-Team in Payroll
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There is no denying that the job of a payroll professional is a daunting job. After all, the responsibility of ensuring that every employee in the organisation is being paid their wages on time and accurately falls under the purview of the payroll department.

To better understand the struggles faced by payroll professionals across the world, professional services firm, TMF Group, together with the Global Payroll Association, conducted a global survey to understand the latest trends and developments in the payroll industry.

According to their 2017 Annual Global Payroll survey, here are the top 3 biggest challenges faced by payroll professionals managing multi-country payroll.
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What Makes A Great Leader?

25 September, 2018
By G-Team in Human Resource
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According to John Maxwell, American author of The 21 Irrefutable Law of Leadership, speaker and pastor, he said that, “Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”

There are many attributes in which a “great” leader may possess – confidence, courage, intelligence, knowledge. The list goes on. However, what differentiates a truly exceptional leader from his or her peers is their passion.
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How Can HR Contribute to Cybersecurity

18 September, 2018
By G-Team in Technology
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Given today’s technological advancements, cybersecurity has become a key component in every business. According to an article in The Washington Post in 2012, it was reported that “both the public and private sector will require 50,000 cybersecurity jobs in the immediate future.”

In fact, as hackers and cyber criminals become more innovative in their crimes, it is becoming increasingly difficult to detect these cybercrimes.
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